The overview below shows the current status of the waiting times within the Women's Healthcare Centre.

You can also consult the online agenda for each medical specialist. If your day or time is not listed, please call us to schedule an appointment.

Meditation procedure for the waiting list

If you find the waiting time too long, you can always contact us or ask your health care provider for mediation procedure for the waiting list. Your health care provider can support you in this, so that you may be able to receive assistance more quickly. The maximum acceptable waiting time that healthcare providers and health insurers have jointly agreed upon (the Treek norm) for access to the outpatient clinic and diagnostics is 4 weeks. The maximum acceptable waiting time for treatment is 7 weeks.

Waiting times for outpatient clinics: these are the waiting times for a first appointment at the surgery or an outpatient treatment / intervention / examination. Regarding the maximum waiting time we measure the time between the day that the appointment was scheduled until the day of the appointment.

The reference date of below waiting times is 17 September 2018



Treatment / consultation hour


Mammography / Tomosynthesis

3 days

Ultrasound of the breast(s)

1 day

General ultrasound

1 day

Bone density measurement

1 day

If your waiting time exceeds the suggested waiting time, you can discuss this with your doctor or you can contact your health care provider and inquire about the possibilities for care mediation elsewhere. The waiting times within the Women's Healthcare Centre do not depend on where you are insured.

In addition, we have waiting times according to the mandatory format of the Dutch Healthcare Authority. This format makes it possible for the Dutch Healthcare Authority to compare waiting times between hospitals.