Women's Healthcare Centre Amsterdam

Women's Healthcare Centre Amsterdam (WHC) is an independent treatment centre (ZBC) for women's care with a team of specialists that work in the fields of gynaecology, obstetrics, sexology, urology and ultrasound. In addition, care is also offered for urogynaecology and gyn cardiology sub specialisms.

WHC Amsterdam is well-known for: high quality women's care, personal specialist support, high patient satisfaction rates and short access times.

WHC Amsterdam aims to treat patients in a calm and friendly atmosphere that does not resemble a typical hospital. The goal is to provide personal guidance, which should lead to optimal quality of the women's care offered.

The WHC Amsterdam has become an established name within the healthcare landscape and nowadays is one of the top outpatient independent treatment centres in the Netherlands. Patients are referred by general practitioners, colleague specialists and health insurers. Patient satisfaction rates are very high. There are various characteristics in which the WHC Amsterdam distinguishes itself. These elements are schematically represented in 6 focus care rings.

Women’s Healthcare Centre stands for: "Women's care with a heart"

Key core values: Personal, specialist and accessible care