General Ultrasound

You can come to our center for general ultrasound, excluding musculoskeletal ultrasound.

We perform abdominal ultrasound, neck ultrasound, scrotal ultrasound and soft tissue ultrasound.

Ultrasound is examination with high-frequency sound. You don't hear it, you don't feel it, and it never does any damage. That sound comes from a transducer, and is reflected back through the underlying tissues, then the same transducer picks up these reflected fractions. Just as our eyes use our brains to create a recognizable image from reflected light, the ultrasound machine can create an image recognizable to us from reflected sound. To do this, the device uses an elaborate built-in computer that turns reflected sound fractions into a visible image on the monitor.

The penetrating power of light is generally low so we usually only see the outside of objects. Sound has much greater penetrating power so that the deeper layers of a structure can be imaged. Unlike X-rays, the high-frequency sound used is also risk-free, completely safe and painless.

For the examination

Please bring the following items with you to the outpatient clinic:

  • Your family doctor's referral or digital confirmation of it;
  • Your health insurance card;
  • a valid identification document (a valid passport, identity card, valid foreigner's document or a valid driver's license);
  • a list of any medications you are taking;
  • any other items listed in the appointment letter.

The entire examination, including intake interview and final assessment is performed by our radiologist. With your body bared, you will lie on an examination table where the radiologist uses ultrasound gel to scan the area to be examined with a transducer.

At the end of the examination, you will be told the results of the examination. Our radiologist takes plenty of time for this.


All examinations are covered by your health insurance company.


Mrs. M. Weimann