Familial tumors

Familial tumors

When discussing hereditary variants of tumors, the term familial tumors is often used. For a small proportion of patients who develop cancer, heredity is a cause.

It may be that you are hereditary and have an increased risk of cancer. It is then important to detect this as early as possible. In the Netherlands, guidelines have been established for determining a familial occurrence of breast cancer and related recommendations for preventive screening. At our Breast Care Center, we follow these guidelines.

Breast cancer screening

Breast cancer screening has received increasing attention in recent years as this form of cancer affects more and more women. Approximately 18,000 are diagnosed with this form of cancer each year. In about 5 to 10 percent of cases, the cause can be related to hereditary predisposition.

Due to numerous studies, the prospects for breast cancer patients have improved greatly in recent years. In addition to self-examination, mammography is the examination of first choice for women aged 30 and older. It is an important and effective way to detect breast cancer. We perform ultrasound in our center in addition to mammography. In women with breast complaints under the age of 30, ultrasound is generally sufficient.

As part of population screening, all women in the Netherlands between the ages of 50 and 75 are screened with mammography 2 years a year.